Walter White, Jr. is one angry dude.

Walter White, Jr. is angry because his dad is a prick.

Walter White, Jr. is angry. He thinks his mother is a bitch. Friends at school call his father a wimp and leave insulting notes on his old man's car. Walter senor talks with Walter Jr about finding the note writers. Beating them up places bags over their heads. Driving them out to the desert. Burying them up to the necks in the sand. Covering then in red army ants with massive pitchers and poisonous scorpions. And leaving them there. 

Walter White, Jr. lives for fast cars and faster pussy cat. He doesn't let little things get in the way of his disappointments. His voice will change then his father will know he's ready to take over the family business. Walter White Jr has the genes of cold blooded killer and an angry bitch.